Location Overview

Wendelinus Hall

This hall is our largest hall and includes a stage. With approx. 400 sq m it is large enough for 520 people seated in ranks. The hall is extendable by the Barbara Hall and/or the Hubertus Hall.

Use: theater, concerts, weddings, big congresses and much more.

Possible seating: seated in ranks, standing room, rows of tables, grouped tables, parliamentary seating etc

Barbara Hall

With approx. 150 sq m it is especially used as a conference room. In combination with the Wendelinus Hall it is extendable and large enough for 670 people seated in ranks.

Use: extension of the Wendelinus Hall, conferences and workshops, lounge for celebrations and congresses.

Hubertus Hall

With approx. 100 sq m it is especially used as a conference room. In combination with the Wendelinus Hall and the Barbara Hall it is extendable and large enough for 730 people seated in ranks.

Use: extension of the Wendelinus Hall, conferences and workshops, meetings.


Our facility has an in-house restaurant. It includes a separated room that provides enough space for up to 35 people. The terrace provides enough space for up to 40 people.

The restaurant regularly offers a varying special menu, different theme nights and a varying lunch menu from Tuesday through Friday. Additionally the restaurant serves all events taking place at the Congress Center Ramstein.


Jugend- und Seniorenraum -Function Room

The Senioren Raum with approx. 75 sq m and the Jugend Raum with approx. 50 sq m can be rented separately or combined. Both are mainly used for congresses, lectures, conferences and private functions.

Lower and Upper Reception Area

The upper reception area with approx. 300 sq m includes a bar, bar tables and a lounge. It is especially suitable as buffet area at bigger events or exhibition area at trade fairs. Toilets and cloakroom are located at the lower reception area with approx. 350 sq m.

The City Library

Since 1986 the city library is an important cultural meeting point of the city of Ramstein-Miesenbach and provides an attractive offer of more than 20,000 media for children and adults.

For children and youths the library has a literature offer adapted to each stage of development such as storybooks, entertaining children´s and youth literature, award-winning books, non-fiction, pupil literature and learning aids.

The library has books for adults of any age. The offer ranges from classics to bestsellers, non-fiction for apprenticeship and advanced training as well as for hobby and leisure time, advice literature and travel guides. All these books provide information and knowledge and support active and creative leisure time activities. Audiovisual media such as family and parlor games, audio books, movies on DVD and Blu-ray, games, fun and information on CD-ROM (N-DS, WII, X-Box), music CDs, e-books as well as two computers for literature and online search plus the possibility of using MS-Office complete the offer for all readers.

The daily newspaper “Die Rheinpfalz”, the official journal of the Union Community Ramstein-Miesenbach “Amtsblatt”, the regional weekly paper “Wochenbaltt” and 20 national magazines offer current affairs and information. Imparting reading skills and reading pleasure is the main concern of the city library!

Language, reading and writing skills are key skills that allow us to understand the world and human togetherness. Reading aloud, telling and reading promote the individual language development, thinking, the imagination and fantasy like no other medium, especially in children and youths. Just come by! The team of the city library is looking forward to welcoming you.



Seating Plans


This is our standard seating for most of our events. Please note that the seats 521 – 670 and 671 – 730 are only offered when required.



This seating option is standard for all classical concerts.



This seating option at tables is used at all of our dinner events.



This is our seating plan for our Oktoberfest inside the large tent located at Prometheusplatz.

For further information about our Oktoberfest please check here: www.oktoberfest-ramstein.de


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